Style Analyzing One Man’s Governing: Discipline, Belief, Or Political Ploys?

Few politicians have elicited the degree of clear – cut response (either positive or negative), as Donald J. Trump. Polls indicate, approximately 30 – 35% of voters, are his core supporters, and to many of them, he can do, nothing but good! A similar, or slightly larger percentage, strongly disapprove of nearly every action, he takes. For the sake of honesty, transparency, and being thoroughly candid, from the onset, I fall, far more closely, into the latter category! Having lived in New York, my entire life, spending my childhood in Jamaica, NY (only about a mile from the Trump family house), I have personally observed, for many years, precisely what the Trump phenomenon represented, years before he ran for President. While some appear confused, etc, by his behavior, it appears he is behaving, in a similar manner, he always has. Many of his core supporters, seem to buy – into the hype, which states, he was this great, brilliant businessman, yet, New Yorkers have witnessed, many of his business failures, as well as some of his successes. We’ve seen his bravado, but, as a New Yorker, are unimpressed by it! This article will attempt to briefly discuss, whether his governing (both from a style – perspective, as well as results), is based on discipline and strong beliefs, or whether he is a marketing genius, who is a superb user of political ploys, and diversions.

1. Discipline and strong beliefs: Is President Trump, the champion of his supporters, who will make changes, they want and believe in, or is he merely an expert, in using empty rhetoric, making promises, and employing vitriol, which stirs the pot! Why should anyone be surprised, he continues to vocally support his wall, when his campaign rhetoric, regarding it, was one of his strongest messages, during his campaign? He promoted a tone of divisiveness, during his campaigning, and continues to hold campaign – style rallies, to inspire his strongest supporters, to continue supporting him. It is often challenging to identify Trump’s true values and positions, because they often seem to change, from day – to – day, etc! I believe we all should, take, to heart, the words of Michael Bloomberg (3 – term NYC Mayor, and one of the ten wealthiest people), when he said, Donald Trump says he will do for America, what he did for his businesses. G-d forbid!2. Political ploys: Many wonder if the President, is some sort of nut! However, while it might sometimes appear that way, I believe, there is a better chance, he’s crazy, as a fox! While there have been, far more potential scandals and controversies, than ever before witnessed, one must consider, if Mr. Trump, enjoys the controversy, as well as whether, he truly believes, he can continue making misstatements, etc, and get away with it, because of his marketing expertise, and ability as a Carnival barker! Have you noticed, whenever there is one exposed potential scandal, he first denies, then explains, and then minimizes it? Next, when it seems to be a growing, potential concern, he says, or does something so controversial, he tries to take attention away from the original situation? This attempt at political diversion, is, either, accidental (which would mean, far more coincidences, than I believe in), or a brilliant attempt at manipulating the media, and his supporters. No one has ever dominated media coverage, like he has! No one has ever used Social Media, to send out Trial Balloons, in order to observe reactions, etc!

While I strongly believe, our public officials, should try to unify, and seek common ground, for the overall, best interests of their constituents, we rarely witness individuals, who seem, ready, willing and/ or able, to proceed in that manner! However, President Trump has gone to a further extreme, than any previous office holder, in recent memory. The American people want to be unified, as witnessed by their responses to emergencies, tragedies, etc, such as the recent hurricanes (disaster relief, etc), but, unfortunately, it appears, this cooperation, seems limited, to acute situations, rather than chronic ones! Why would the President proceed, as he has, regarding the so – called, Dreamers, if the focus was not politically motivated, and focused on his core supporters, since, every poll indicates, the vast majority of Americans, do not support these types of actions? In times like this, we must pay keen attention, and persistently stand up, for what American freedom, should represent, so we can pay attention to the adage, Never again! Let’s work together, to truly, Make America great!